#AHS12 – Day 2 recap

Day 2 of AHS featured a split-room schedule of presenters, leading to decisions that require more thought than a paleo newbie watching the safe-starch debate.  Interestingly enough, I missed the infamous debate so you won’t be finding a synopsis of it here. (more…)

#AHS12 – Day 1 recap

After spending 3 days in full-on tweet mode at AHS12, I needed a few days of decompression.  Sorry twitter, you wore me out.  So, apologies for the tardiness on getting my AHS12 recap written.  Here goes… (more…)

Ancestral Health Symposium – Day 3 photos

The 2012 Ancestral Health Symposium is in the books.  We were graced with a new food ranking system from Mat LaLonde; a head-spinning starch debate between Jaminet, Kresser and Rosedale; pow-wows to figure out how to make improvements with food policy; and of course a ton of delicious food samples from all the paleo-friendly vendors.  It was a highly educational and inspiring experience to be wi...

Ancestral Health Symposium – Day 2 photos

So far we’re 2 days in here at AHS12.  With all the tweeting (@ultragrassfed) and photo taking… suffice to say my brain is fried.  Last night after the conference we were treated to a sustainable farm dinner at Clark Farm, hosted by Diana Rodgers of Radiance Nutrition.  It was AWESOME.  Great food.  Great people.  Everything local and sustainable. Here is the link to my DAY 2 PHO...

Ancestral Health Symposium – Day 1 photos

Funny how I have barely blogged since Paleo(fx).  Whoops, kinda forgot I had a blog there! Well, that aside, I am still alive and well and this week I’m attending the Ancestral Health Symposium up at Harvard.  I’ve been tweeting up a storm while simultaneously taking photos.  Links to both below.  Enjoy! Link to Day 1 Photos Tweets: @ultragrassfed