Nutrition Consults / Run Coaching


New to the paleo diet, suffering from health problems (IBS, celiac disease, infertility, skin issues, lethargy, insomnia), looking to lose weight… or all of the above?

I offer holistic nutrition consultations. No hippie patchouli nonsense here, just straightforward approaches to optimizing health, longevity and athletic performance based on a thorough understanding of biochemistry.  $50 per 1 hour consult.  Inquire on the contact page.




Looking for someone to coach you through your first 5k or your 10th ultramarathon? Do you like to go against the grain and try new things? I am a certified running coach through the Road Runners Club of America and I design training programs for those looking to up their game.

Here is how my coaching differs from others:

  • I will make you run slower to get faster. It doesn’t sound logical, but it’s scientific.
  • Nutrition and recovery are critical to performance, so be ready for an ear-full on the how and why of carbohydrate consumption around workouts, supplements for maximizing recovery, maximizing recovery through hacking your sleeping conditions, etc.

You can usually find me running with the lululemon Bethesda Run Club and with the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club.

To inquire about coaching, use the form on the contact page.