Greetings, internet! My name is Bobby and I’ll be your in-flight entertainment for the evening. While on board, you may encounter any of the following topics:

  • Nutrition science (usually of the ancestral variety)
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Nutrition policy
  • Ultramarathon running
  • Crossfit
  • Photography
  • and maybe some food p0rn if I’m feeling randy.

It’s a mixed bag, I know, but why limit discussions to one particular subject? Variety is the spice of life… or is that cinnamon? Either way, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and hopefully we can get some meaningful discussions going. All opinions are welcome (so long as they are presented in a professional and non-trolling manner).

My Bio:

I am a former tandem skydiving instructor that gave up the parachute and instead laced up the running shoes.  I ran as an elite-level ultramarathoner for a few years (you can read my old race report blog at ultrajumper.wordpress.com), and having suffered a few unfortunate injuries (pay attention to mobility, folks!), I have been out of the running game longer than I like to admit.  However, during my running prime I picked up a copy of Paleo Diet for Athletes and immediately became intrigued by all things paleo.  As a biomedical engineer that looks at clinical trials all day for work, I couldn’t help but become deeply entrenched in the scientific literature.  I now have strong interests in ancestral approaches to nutrition, health and sustainability, and I hope to share some of this with you so we can learn from each other.

I volunteer for a group aimed at reforming our current state of nutrition and food policies, specifically the USDA Dietary Guidelines which are based off of bad science and serve more as a policy document than a scientific one.  The group, Healthy Nation Coalition, is in its infancy but with the lead of Adele Hite we are sure to enact some positive change.

In addition to nerding out on ancestral health, I am also the co-founder of a charity event called Cupid’s Undie Run.  Yes, you read that right – I encourage people to strip down to their skivvies and run around in the freezing cold weather for a good cause.  Gotta have some fun in life, right?

You can also find me on twitter – @UltraGrassFed


Feel free to contact me here if you have comments or concerns with the page.



Disclaimer: The thoughts presented on this website are my own and they do not reflect those of my employer. In addition, any health/nutrition/lifestyle material presented should not be mistaken for medical advice. Please have educated discussions with your hopefully equally-educated physician(s) prior to making any diet or lifestyle changes that could radically change your health and well-being. Hopefully these changes will be for the better and you’ll never have to see that doc again, but then again I’m just a guy on the internet… so what do I know? Proceed with caution. Handle (yourself) with care.