About Paleo

Here are some common questions and answers for folks getting started with the paleolithic/primal/ancestral/Weston A Price/traditional/whole food nutritional lifestyle:

What is the paleo diet?

Image courtesy of primal-palate.com

Can you provide a good resource for an intro to paleo?

Beginner’s Guide to Paleo

What do doctors think of this whole paleo thing? I mean, really, won’t all that fat clog my arteries?

No single physician has all the answers, but THIS POST from Dr. Anastasia Boulais is a great succinct take on why current medical practices miss the target and why ancestral wellness may be your best bet.


In general, there is a lot out there to be learned. There are no definitive answers on what is the exact perfect nutritional template for everyone (we are all unique snowflakes, after all), but the three resources above provide a good place to start. Tinker around. Challenge what you “know”. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Live a long and healthy life. Look good naked.