30-Day Paleo Challenge (video presentation)

The other day I had the pleasure of giving a talk at CrossFit Foggy Bottom to kick off their 30-Day Paleo Challenge.  Of course, with it being just over a month out to Cupid’s Undie Run, I also used this as an opportunity to plug Cupid’s as much as humanly possible.  Hey, might as well combine the two passions into one, amiright?

The full presentation video is below.  It’s long, but I crammed as much info as I could into 1:15:00 (probably a little too much, actually, but brevity isn’t my strong suit).

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about paleo, and you want it all explained to you by a bearded fellow who didn’t rehearse his presentation… you’re in luck!  More resources (including the slide deck) linked below the video.


Links & Resources: CLICK HERE